Closing the gender gap in tech

Closing the gender gap in tech

Reboot Representation Tech Coalition

Women today, particularly women of color, are chronically underrepresented within the U.S. technology industry. The lack of diversity results in a major opportunity cost for both individual tech companies and the entire sector.  It also affects our society, because the progress created by technology may leave some people even further behind than they are today.

How can the tech industry drive toward the world of tomorrow with the perspectives from the people of today?

Reboot Representation is a coalition of tech companies that have come together to align funding and agendas to address the lack of representation, particularly of women of color, within the technology industry. Pivotal Ventures catalyzed the formation of the coalition through the development of the Rebooting Representation report (co-authored by McKinsey & Co.) and the coalition is housed at the National Center for Women & Information Technology.

Reboot Representation