COVID-19: A Note to our Pivotal Community


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COVID-19: A Note to our Pivotal Community

by John Sage, Chief Executive Officer
As the rapid spread of COVID-19 continues, we are very aware that people are hurting and communities are under unprecedented stress.

While all of us are being called on to quickly adjust to a new reality, some vulnerable populations have been particularly hard hit by the health, social, and economic impacts of the outbreak. That includes the women—many of them women of color—who are on the front lines of this crisis as health workers and caregivers. As a company dedicated to advancing social progress in the United States, we care deeply about ensuring that our country’s response to this crisis leaves no one behind.

In this difficult moment, here is our commitment to you.

Our Commitment to our Partners
First and most importantly, we are telling our partners the same thing we have told our team: that your health and the health of your families should be your top priority. And while there is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, we want you to know that you can continue to count on us and our support.

Many of you have been quick to rise to this extraordinary challenge, driving efforts to protect the mental health of adolescents, develop new caregiving solutions, advocate for paid leave policies, and provide direct support to caregivers. As always, we are grateful for the expertise, leadership, and creativity you bring to this important work.

Please let us know about any emerging needs and opportunities you see that may require our attention. We fully understand that the next few months will call on us to demonstrate flexibility, patience, and compassion, and we want you to know you can count on us for that, too.

Our Commitment to Each Other
We are also committed to standing with our local community—starting with the small businesses and hourly staff who play a role in our office operations. While our offices will remain closed until public health officials indicate it is safe to reopen, we will be mindful of the people who depend on our business.

In solidarity with our neighbors, we have contributed to COVID-19 response efforts in the regions where our team lives and works. Our investments in the Seattle Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund and the Greater Washington Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund will support local organizations working with people disproportionately impacted by the outbreak.

We are grateful to the millions of Americans making heroic efforts and great personal sacrifices to keep our country going. When the immediate crisis has passed, we stand ready to apply this same sense of urgency and cooperation to our shared mission of creating a more equal future for all of us.