Equality Can’t Wait: A Call to Action 


A photo with the text that reads "waiting 208 years for gender equality is no joke"

Equality Can't Wait: A Call to Action

The World Economic Forum projects that, at the current rate of progress, it will take 208 years to reach gender equality in the U.S. As Melinda French Gates writes, 208 years is a damning, daunting number, but it’s not destiny.

Equality Can’t Wait is a call to action– one that encourages all Americans to contribute to making equality happen in our lifetimes.

How do we get a broad public audience talking about gender inequality?

Equality Can’t Wait aims to help people see how they can take action in their own lives, whether it’s by volunteering their time, starting conversations in their own households or workplaces, or through supporting organizations working to accelerate progress.

Watch this short film featuring leading comedians firing off their best shots to roast the absurdity of waiting 208 years for gender equality in the U.S.