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Move Care Forward

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America’s caregivers need a system that works for them. We can’t afford to waste this opportunity to move care forward.

Heroes of

As the backbone of their families, communities, and the economy, caregivers need support from employers and policymakers. Meet a few caregivers finding ways to navigate a system that wasn’t designed for them.
  • Marc

    He cares for his daughter, Anna, who was diagnosed with epilepsy at six months old.
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  • Johana

    She uprooted her life to care for her mom, Ramona, who has Alzheimer’s disease.
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  • Dana

    She cares for her daughters, Kami and Kyra, who have sickle cell disease.
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  • Kathleen

    A single mother, she cares for her son, Gabriel, on top of her full-time job.
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  • Teresa

    She cares for her mother, Carmen, who has diabetes and Parkinson's disease.
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  • Shayana

    She cares for her son, Amari, who has autism.
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  • Trelawney

    She is a mother, foster parent, activist, and a devoted caregiver.
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Meeting caregivers
where they are

40 %
Of caregivers feel isolated and unsupported. It’s time to make care work more visible and normalize the need to ask for help.
45 hours
Is how much time the average caregiver spends on unpaid caregiving each week. It’s time to invest in new tools and services that make those day-to-day tasks faster and easier.
66 %
Of caregivers sacrifice their own ambitions and wellbeing to care for a loved one. It’s time to implement public policies to make child and long-term care more affordable and accessible.

We'll move care 
forward, together

We invest in organizations that are designing innovative solutions, advocating for transformative policies, and reimagining the future of caregiving to make it healthier, more sustainable, and equitable for all. Check out these resources from a few of our partners.
A national movement transforming care so that everyone can live, work, care for one another, and age with dignity.
The Holding Co. is building the future of care. We design products, brands, and experiences revolutionizing how we care for our kids and elders and manage family life.
A venture capital firm investing in founders leading the digital transformation of how we live, work, and care for one another.