Founded by Melinda French Gates, Pivotal Ventures accelerates social progress in the United States by removing barriers that hold people back.

Our Work

We leverage dynamic partnerships, diverse tools, and innovative solutions to expand equality and opportunity.


Our biggest goal so far, with a commitment of $1 billion, is expanding women’s power and influence in the United States.

Focus Areas

Dynamic Partnerships

We strive to get more power in the hands of more people.

We seek out the people who are closest to the problems to support them as they scale proven ideas and catalyze new ones. We learn from our partners and invest in them so they can lead.

  • Two individuals stand together in front of an American flag; one holds a sign reading "Paid Leave for All" and the other wears a shirt with the same message.

    Paid Leave for All

    Paid Leave for All is a collaborative of organizations working to secure federal paid family and medical leave for all working people in the U.S.

    Photo courtesy of Paid Leave for All
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  • A person stands at a microphone in front of a wall decorated with art.

    Upswing Fund

    Created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Upswing Fund provides vital resources to local nonprofits working to make the mental healthcare system more accessible for LGBTQ+ youth and young people of color.

    Photo courtesy Upswing Grantee Partner, Girls Write Now, Richelle Szypulski
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  • A person stands next to a wheelchair in front of a yellow wall.


    The Techstars Future of Longevity Accelerator is cultivating creative solutions to address the unmet needs of older adults and their caregivers. The program is run in partnership with Pivotal Ventures and is now entering its third year.

    Photo courtesy of Braze Mobility, by Samuel Cheng
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  • A woman speaks in front of a seated crowd.

    Center for American Women in Politics

    The Center for American Women in Politics works to close knowledge gaps in the data around women in government and train young women to become the next generation of political leaders.

    Photo courtesy of Center for American Women and Politics
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  • A group of college students smile in a classroom.

    Center for Inclusive Computing

    With the goal of increasing the number of underrepresented women in tech, Center for Inclusive Computing provides funding and support to not-for-profit universities to address the gender gap in computing.

    Photo courtesy of the Center for Inclusive Computing
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