Founded by Melinda French Gates, Pivotal Ventures accelerates social progress in the United States by removing barriers that hold people back.

Our Approach


We pull a range of levers to get things done.

We leverage philanthropic grant-making, private investments, partnerships, and advocacy to drive social progress.

Our partnerships span communities and sectors, bringing together diverse leaders and organizations to achieve common goals.

We are bold about what’s possible.

Guided by data and our partners, we drive experimentation in promising, untested approaches and accelerate proven ideas for change.

We trust our partners and believe in the change they can make in the world.

We learn from our partners and invest in them so they can lead.

We believe that more power in the hands of more people drives social progress further and faster for everyone.

"Americans are no longer willing to accept a glacial pace of change."

Melinda French Gates
Founder, Pivotal Ventures
Melinda French Gates sits at a conference table with a small group of people.

Melinda French Gates meets with entrepreneurs at 1871, a tech incubator in Chicago.