Founded by Melinda French Gates, Pivotal Ventures accelerates social progress by removing barriers that hold people back.


We're changing the face of the investment industry.

We invest in women-led funds and series A to C companies that are aligned with our mission. We’re out to prove that a commitment to diversity can deliver meaningful financial returns—and unlock market-based solutions to a range of social problems.


Key Principles
& Tactics

Investing Early

We aim to commit capital early to help bring other investors on board. This helps steer more resources to founders and funds that aren’t getting the attention and investment they deserve.

Building an Inclusive Process

We have designed a process to avoid replicating the unconscious biases that select against companies and funds led by women, especially women of color. When we evaluate investments, we focus on performance potential—not whether a founder or fund manager looks like the archetype of who’s been successful in the past.

Rethinking Due Diligence

We have a rigorous due diligence process, and we only invest in companies and funds that we believe are likely to be profitable. We want to send a signal to the rest of the industry that by overlooking these diverse investment opportunities, they’re missing out.

Aligning with Core Focus Areas

We shine a light on companies and funds working to advance market-based solutions to the issues in Pivotal's focus areas—like caregiving and mental health for young people.

Generating Meaningful Returns

These investments aren’t philanthropic: We expect them to be profitable.

We believe that a commitment to diversity will generate meaningful returns. When more women of all backgrounds can control, access, and benefit from investment capital, it will meet unmet market needs—and drive progress and innovation for everyone.

Our Portfolio

We invest in funds and early-stage companies that are changing the face of power in the venture capital industry and unlocking market-based solutions to societal problems.

Direct Investments

"Instead of investing in women and people of color because it’s good for optics, now investors are doing it because they’ve seen it’s good for business."

Portrait of Erin Harkless Moore
Erin Harkless Moore
Managing Director, Investments


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