Our Work | Pivotal Ventures


Founded by Melinda French Gates in 2015, Pivotal Ventures advances social progress in the United States through investment, partnership, and advocacy.

We take on old problems in new ways, using philanthropic dollars and investment capital to fund transformational ideas, people, and organizations working to advance social progress. Our work is specifically focused on expanding women’s power and influence and strengthening the well-being of people in the United States.

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To make progress go further and faster, we go beyond traditional philanthropy. We believe transformational ideas can come from anywhere, so we fund experimentation in promising, untested approaches. We also deploy a diverse set of funding tools, pulling on a range of levers to take on entrenched barriers.

All of our strategies are informed by partners on the frontlines of these issues, and we seek out guidance from people with lived experience of the challenges we’re working to solve. Here are some of the areas we focus on: